About Me

About Me

I’m originally from New Bedford, Massachusetts, but my pursuit of something bigger led me to Las Vegas. Growing up in a musically inclined family, my passion for music was deeply ingrained in me. It all started with writing parody songs alongside my brother Justin and my cousin Lawrence, who also happens to be my financial advisor. These early experiences ignited my interest in the audio field.

My journey into music production began in 2015. Initially a lyricist, I ventured into making beats to complement my lyrics. This shift revealed my true passion. Whether I’m using Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton, or experimenting with outboard synths and keyboards, my creative process remains fluid. While I appreciate various tools, FL Studio’s simplicity keeps me focused on the music rather than the technical aspects. My specialization lies in crafting hip-hop and R&B tracks.

My songwriting is inspired by everyday life experiences. I observe life through a musical lens, transforming relatable situations into heartfelt songs. Whether it’s tales of a flashy lifestyle, a challenging upbringing, or the rollercoaster of love, my goal is to empathize with the listener and convey those emotions through my lyrics. One memorable moment involved a car ride with Marlena Nichole, where we discovered the perfect beat, wrote a song in just 30 minutes, and recorded it the next day—this song is “Special” to me.

I draw inspiration from artists like J. Cole, who delivers relatable messages, Jeezy for his authenticity, and Trey Songz (along with his writers) for their song structure.

My journey into audio engineering began with self-learning through Google and later YouTube tutorials. My mentor and brother, Belle Vex, who holds a degree in the audio field, has also been instrumental in my development. Recording is my forte, and I believe in getting the best sound at the source. Notable artists I’ve worked with include Marlena Nichole, Cokeboy Droop Pop, and Samantha Johnson.

My ultimate goal is to become a sought-after record producer, known for translating any artistic vision into reality. Through my music, I aim to convey the messages my clients desire, amplifying the emotional connection their listeners will feel.

You can explore music I’ve been involved with on my marketplace page. To connect with me, feel free to email me here or follow me on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.